DPDG Design

Good design is not about spending money. It’s about thought and time.

DPDG is our architectural lighting and technology design group. Our philosophy is that lighting and technology should complement the architecture, not detract from it. In doing so, our design reveals the architectural design of a space, whether that is a residential or commercial space, indoor or outdoor.

We bring over 25 years of experience in lighting design and are passionate about finding the perfect solution for every client.

Often, when homes are built, lighting and technology are retrofitted to existing plans. The design of the lighting doesn’t necessarily coincide with an overall home design. This leads to awkward placement of recessed lighting or fixtures that don’t seem to have a reason to be there.

In contrast, we start at the design phase. As an architectural design is being developed, we will sit with the client (or architect) to create a design that is cohesive with the current goals. This eliminates conflicts with electrical and technological applications in the design. It also allows for seamless partnering with you and your team from design inception to realization, when we hand it over to the end user.

Our Team

Kerry Penwell

CEO Principal

Kerry has been working as a consultant to architects and interior designers for over 15 years. An Oklahoma native transplanted to South Carolina, Kerry built the business on providing balanced lighting design and technology integration in both residential and commercial projects. With a Bachelor of Science degree and focus in electrical engineering, Kerry merges science with art, taking the very first design idea through the beautiful layering of lighting to the final product. Recognized by both peers and also manufacturers of the latest technology and lighting products, Kerry and his team are sought out for projects locally and across the United States.

Jeremy Lee

Design Studio Director

As a senior lighting designer originally from Indiana, Jeremy brings over 10 years of experience in design and is responsible for the development of many of the award-winning projects designed by the firm. With a Bachelor’s of Science degree in IT, Jeremy’s expertise blends lighting design with technology design in advanced 3D modeling. From communicating a design to a client to assisting on final aiming or installation, he understands the flow of projects from conception to completion.

Brian Brown

Operations Director, Security Systems Manager

Our senior A/V technician, Brian’s career began with the U.S Army where he managed security and network infrastructure in various installations. A North Carolina native, Brian brings over 15 years of experience in A/V, security, telephone, access controls, fire systems, and CCTV from previous experience. Brian oversees all company operations and is our lead on security-related projects.