Kasted and our sister company DPDG use only the best technology available for our clients. We spend a lot of our time narrowing in on your specific needs to make your technology decisions together. Here is a short list of some common products we use. This in no way is a complete list of products we use. If you can find it we can integrate it!

Lighting Design


Lutron, the original inventor of the dimmer, has led the way in innovative lighting controls for incandescent, fluorescent, and LED lighting throughout the years. Lutron utilizes a proprietary wireless band as well as traditional panelized lighting. It’s consistently flicker-free and reliable, and we prefer Lutron for their ability to dim an LED smoothly. Kasted is the only Select Certified Dealer and installer in the Upstate South Carolina and Western North Carolina. Contact our team to talk about creating the perfect atmosphere in your home or office with custom lighting design and controls.

Home Media Rooms / Custom Theaters


Dolby Atmos immerses you into a 3-D envelope of sound. Rather than just rely on traditional front and back 5.1 or 7.1 sound options, Atmos delivers a full audio experience. In our experience, Atmos, unlike other options, creates a full cinematic experience at home, whether in a purpose built media room or a full custom theater. The sound is crisper, more precise, and radically more engaging than traditional home audio setups. We’ve designed multiple Atmos rooms in South Carolina. We have a demo theater in our office in Greenville, SC and at the Cliffs Mountain Park showroom. To schedule a demo in our an Atmos theater, contact us today.

Home Automation

Our Kasted team are certified installers and programmers for Savant, Elan, AMX, and Control4 automation and integration systems. These systems, each with its own set of benefits, allow you to control lighting, HVAC, security, and AV in individual rooms or a building or home as a whole. Find out how you can make your whole house work together seamlessly by emailing or calling us today!