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Our staff is trained to integrate the latest industry trends and architectural solutions into a visually stunning result that is personalized to your exact needs and home design preferences. Let us customize your home with systems that seamlessly fit your family's needs and routines to simplify your day. From the initial design with the architect and designers, we provide expertise in unique lighting design as well as audio-video solutions. 


From the very start, we ensure that planning and pre-planning for your project’s design and implementation work in tandem with each other. Our comprehensive plans continually keep everyone on the project in the loop – from interior designers and architects to home-builders, construction workers, and more – and include information on low-voltage wiring, circuitry, grouping of lighting loads, engineering schematics, rack elevations, and keypad specifications. Each technician and trade partner has the same goal in mind: to design and carry out a home automation setup that will enhance your property and integrate seamlessly with your home décor. Our team has planned structural solutions to execute a final project that is both functionally and visually what you were envisioning.


Your smart systems and solutions should never cause hindrances to your daily routine and overall lifestyle. Network and IP-connected devices’ purposes are to simplify your day-to-day life at home; don’t let faulty connections or internet issues derail your home’s luxurious setting. From a centralized performance dashboard, our technicians can monitor and gauge the status of every device and technology throughout your house. They will monitor updates on your smart lighting, climate control, security system, and audio-video components, all in real-time. The moment a problem arises, they can resolve it before you even notice. Plus, with regular network performance tests and automatic downloads of new software upgrades, your network will stay robust and reliable at all times.


Personalized service and support for your home automation systems is our ongoing goal at Kasted Design Group. We continually provide quick and efficient maintenance for any issue that arises after installation and far down the road. For a project that is sure to last long-term, we offer service plans to constantly fine-tune your system as the years go by to guarantee that it always performs optimally – and maintains its visual appeal as well. Our service plans are tailored to your system’s specifications and include 24/7 remote system management, tech support, priority response time, and yearly on-site tech reviews. Have questions pop up as you’re using your system? We serve as your professional technology advisor, addressing all your concerns and providing industry knowledge on any new solutions or products that might further elevate your smart home performance and setup.

Construction Administration

Because the final design of your project is what guides the entire process, we keep the essential trade partners we work with close in every step of the process. Interior designers, architects, engineers, builders, and other contractors who are intricately tied to delivering your custom home-build design will stay involved throughout the whole project. As part of our design philosophy, we make sure the planning is carried through to the end; this is where the construction administration comes into play. After investing time and energy into the design phase, we pay just as much attention to the implementation of the dream when it comes to the realities of construction. Our team interacts with and supports the job site and contractors as the project breaks ground, takes shape, and gets staged to turn over to the client.

Project Management

With the amount of coordination that smart technology installations require, a hassle-free smart home project that will run smoothly needs active project management. Our team ensures that every protocol is met, the design plans are followed in every detail, and that any as-built documentation is updated whenever new work orders or changes occur. Since a smart home project is made up of different subsystems, such as multi-room audio video, smart security, and lighting control, a dedicated project manager is crucial. This manager will bring each separate subsystem and component together into a centralized and cohesive whole home smart system. Our project managers oversee and communicate with every team member – the technicians, contractors, and subcontractors – to ensure that everyone is staying on schedule and implementing the exact project design.


Lighting is so much more than added convenience or a functional necessity; it has a significant impact on your living space’s entire environment. Professional lighting design from our team ensures that each room and area of your home and Upstate SC property achieves the right mood and atmosphere. Our team will create a layered lighting design with the appropriate, sophisticated fixtures and loads. We can provide ceiling fixtures for overhead lighting, wall sconces for accent lighting, and down lighting in cabinets or tables for specific tasks. We also can group your lighting fixtures within dedicated loads for greater control. A perfect example is when you want to showcase particular pieces of art or vintage items with spotlights. An “Artwork” load will then control all the fixtures meant to show off your desired displays. Simply tap a button or flip a switch or dimmer – it’s that easy to transform the design and visuals of your home completely.

System Documentation

A streamlined and transparent construction and installation process is always the goal. We aim to stay within schedule and follow every plan strategically to execute the final project design effortlessly, every time. Extensive documentation in the form of CAD designs and project drawings is a must. This vital documentation lets our team and technicians ensure that every smart technology and component delivers the smart capabilities and functionalities within the custom design expectations we have set. It includes low-voltage wiring requirements, device locations, power specifications, rack elevations, and schematic-level engineering. Every team member and you, the client, gets access to this documentation, leading to that simplified project implementation that we strive to achieve from start to finish.


Our goal is to always have your visualized project’s final result match the pre-planned, initial project design that you had in mind from the moment we started the process. Our company prides itself on its commitment to excellence and embraces commissioning services for our commercial projects that ensure your completed project accurately matches the original design plans. We offer commissioning services that will help you earn any needed LEED and ASHRAE certifications. Kasted Design Group provides final audits that check those lighting fixtures, automated technologies, security solutions, sensors, and especially audio-video components are all integrated seamlessly and will continually perform as expected.

Wire Installation

Low-voltage wiring is the crucial foundation of every smart home project of ours. Our project design plans integrate the fiber and copper wiring needed in order to support any and all audio video, security, networking, lighting, and surveillance capabilities. This necessary wiring infrastructure will accommodate the current system requirements, while still allowing for future technology upgrades in the future. We choose the appropriate wire for each application and installation, and meticulously organize our racks for easy maintenance, upgrades, and updates down the line.


Finally, it’s time for the actual installation step of your smart home project. We begin with the initial conduit, low-voltage wiring, and enclosures. Then, we install all equipment; this includes displays, keypads, speakers, and more, as they have been laid out in the original plans - chosen to match your décor seamlessly. Our team knows the installation requirements that are unique to every brand and manufacturer in the business – that’s what our certifications, experience, and knowledge of the industry bring to the table. From the start to the very last technology put in place, we follow the planned project design approved by you and your contractor to provide an intuitive and reliable system that meets your aesthetic expectations.

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