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Explore Power Distribution Management in Real Life

Woman sitting on a couch using a remote during a rainstorm.

Learn How the Savant Power System Controls Power Loads to Limit Disruption

Would you love to have the most energy-efficient home possible? With tools to optimize your energy production and consumption, the Savant app gives you the power to control every circuit in your home and limit the disruption caused by unplanned outages.

Power distribution management is the ability to shift power loads between available power sources—such as solar, battery, or backup generators—to reduce your dependency on the power grid and non-essential power usage.

Continue reading to learn what the experience of power distribution management in your Asheville, NC, home could be like in a real-life application.

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Enjoy Power Independence with an Energy Storage System

Solar panels on a home’s roof.

Reduce Costs and Live Greener

A smart home offers an incredibly convenient and luxurious lifestyle. Lighting, climate, entertainment, and security are all controlled with one touch and work seamlessly together. For example, tap the “Away” button on an elegant in-wall keypad as you leave home, and the lights dim, the AV equipment turns off, the doors lock, and the alarm arms. 

This type of integrated technology requires reliable energy to ensure constant connectivity. Additionally, smart homeowners are looking for options to create greener and more energy-efficient homes. Fortunately, there is a reliable alternative that lessens grid reliance, utilizes the sun's renewable energy, and consumes less power while lowering the utility bills in your Asheville, NC, home. It’s called an energy storage system.

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A Smart Home Is an Energy-Efficient Home

A person managing their home technology systems in the Savant app.

How Installation, Automation, and Brand Selection Impact Energy Management at Home 


A smart home is a smart investment, saving homeowners time and money while significantly simplifying their lives. For design professionals in Greenville, SC, smart technologies also represent a powerful selling point. 

At Kasted Design Group, we work with architects, designers,and their clients in the design and installation of smart technologies. And guess what one of the top concerns among our clients and trade partners is? Better and more efficient energy management. From shades, lighting, and climate control to the latest power management systems, we know what it takes for smart homes to be efficient and cost-effective. 

Read on to learn how the right brands, installation, and automation of smart technology systems will save you time, money, and energy at home.

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Use the Clean, Renewable Energy of the Sun Day and Night

The distant view of a large modern home at dusk with its lights on.

Reduce Your Reliance on the Power Grid with a Battery Backup System

As winter draws near with Jack Frost nipping at your nose, you want a warm place to retire when at home. While the fireplace provides some heat, you’ll likely need to fire up your electric heating system. Though it keeps you warm, it also causes your electric meter to spin! It doesn’t get much better in the summer either as North Carolinians blast the AC to stave off the heat. 

While the state has not had to resort to rolling blackouts or experienced unanticipated power outages as other parts of the U.S., it’s clear that energy usage is on the rise, resulting in increased costs for homeowners. 

Fortunately, there is a solution that can reduce your reliance on the power grid and reduce your power bill.  It’s called a battery backup system - the perfect solution for Asheville, NC homeowners! 

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