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Explore Power Distribution Management in Real Life

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Learn How the Savant Power System Controls Power Loads to Limit Disruption

Would you love to have the most energy-efficient home possible? With tools to optimize your energy production and consumption, the Savant app gives you the power to control every circuit in your home and limit the disruption caused by unplanned outages.

Power distribution management is the ability to shift power loads between available power sources—such as solar, battery, or backup generators—to reduce your dependency on the power grid and non-essential power usage.

Continue reading to learn what the experience of power distribution management in your Asheville, NC, home could be like in a real-life application.

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12:00 AM - Charge Your Electric Vehicle Overnight

EV owners prefer to charge their cars overnight to be fully powered and ready for the morning commute. Avoiding peak utility charges is also a benefit. Create a Savant scene to activate your car’s charging automatically, eliminating the possibility that you may forget.

7:00 AM - Severe Weather Is Predicted

The Savant app notes predicted severe weather for the evening hours and will shift loads during the daytime to prioritize charging the backup power battery to 100% in case of a power outage.

3:00 PM - Power Outage Mode

The Savant app notifies you that grid power has been out and that “Power Outage” mode has been activated. You can select which pre-programmed off-grid scenes you want to utilize during this mode. “Dinnertime,” for instance, could prioritize kitchen circuits so you can prepare the family’s meal.

4:00 PM - Monitor Battery Usage

Keep an eye on the battery level in real-time using the Savant app. Then, decide if you want to throw in that load of towels for washing or if you want to hold off and see if the power will come back on later tonight.

3:00 AM - Grid Power Restored

The Savant app will notify you once the power is back on and shifting back to grid usage. There’s no need for you to take action (you’re sleeping, after all), and you can rest assured that Savant has it all under control.

Using Energy Modes

What we have described is a use case for power distribution management. However, there are other ways to reduce your home’s energy consumption and the cost of your utilities using different energy modes available with the Savant Power System.

  • Peak Shift: create an energy mode to reduce your power grid consumption and shift to battery power when utilities charge peak usage rates. 
  • Eco Mode: create an energy mode to shift to battery-stored power when the battery is fully charged to minimize your home’s reliance on grid power.

With the technology available through Savant Power, it is possible to automate power distribution management for your home in Asheville, NC. As a result, you can rely less on grid power and reduce the impact a power outage has on daily living. Contact us to learn more about this energy-saving solution from Savant.

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