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The Morning, Afternoon, & Evening Benefits of Home Automation


Living in a Smart Home Improves Your Lifestyle in So Many Ways!  

What if your house automatically anticipated your needs and preferences? When you live with a robust home automation system, you’ll have seamless control of every connected technology – from the lights and motorized shades to your home entertainment systems and surveillance cameras.

You’ll transform your day-to-day life in ways you never thought possible. In this blog, we’ll give you an inside look at smart home control by revealing what each day could look like in your Greenville, SC, home. Keep reading to discover all the benefits of living in a home powered by smart technology.


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A Pleasant Morning Wake-Up Call

There’s a reason it’s called an “alarm” clock. It’s because it’s alarming! No matter what soothing ring tone you set in your phone, it’s always a jolt to hear it when it’s time to wake up in the morning. But there’s a better way to get up. A smart home system can include automated lighting control, motorized shades, and a whole-home sound system. So, when it’s 7 a.m., instead of hearing an alarm, your favorite songs play through your in-room speaker system as the shades rise and your room’s lights slowly illuminate. By setting a scene in your smart home tablet, you let your home gently wake you up each morning. Isn’t that a better way to welcome a new day?


An Afternoon of Smart Home Control

From breakfast to dinnertime, smart home technology fills your day. As you spend time at home, you can take command of every connected system with ease. Touch an icon in your smart home tablet or smartphone app to control anything you want: the lights, window treatments, home security, TVs, and smart appliances. If you have an integrated voice assistant like, you can say a short phrase, and your home responds to you. For instance, when you come home from the store with packages in hand, say, “Josh, turn on the lights.” It’s that easy to illuminate any room in your home! Do it for any connected technology – inside and out.


Evening Entertainment at Its Best

As the sun goes down, home entertainment comes to life. Whether you plan to watch a movie in your home theater, host a party outside with friends, crank up your whole-home music system for an indoor get-together, or serve a special meal with your family, a home automation system makes everything easier and more enjoyable. One of the unique aspects of a Control4 or Savant smart home system is its programmable features. Program a scene to fit every occasion, and when the time comes, tap an icon. Then the lights, entertainment, and everything else adjusts to their programmed settings. No need to manually adjust anything!


Make your life even more luxurious with a smart home automation system. Get started today by calling Kasted Design Group at 864-640-4822 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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