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Combine Wellness and Design with Human-Centric Lighting Control


A Circadian Based System Brings Balance and Beauty to Your Home

Lighting has a remarkable influence on us: it can affect our perceptions, enhance a room’s ambiance and improve the well-being of the people in your home. Natural light is a vital element of life, fostering the natural world and humans alike.

Research has shown that sunlight has many health-related benefits. It stimulates the production of serotonin, the hormone associated with pleasure and happiness. It also triggers the production of vitamin D, essential for digestion of nutrients and focus.

Your home's illumination is more than simply guiding you through the dark. All too often, standard LED light fixtures are installed to satisfy strictly practical considerations. The result is dull illumination, ignoring and actively masking natural lights' vigor.

Are you intrigued by how a more human-centric system improves your Ashville, NC home? Read below to find out more.


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Purposeful Illumination

Traditional lightning works well enough when applied to brighten a room or as part of a security system. Filament bulbs and standard LED controls have innate limitations that produce only a tiny spectrum of colors; the light generated can leave a room feeling cold and uninviting. The standard methods lack natural light luster, depth, and health benefits.

Architects and interior designers have long appreciated the use of daylighting. The contemporary construction element allows more of the sun into your rooms, opening walls and ceiling spaces to the outdoors. In the same way that music throughout the house energizes its occupants, so too natural light adds a vibrancy that keeps you going all day.


Light of Your Life

Modern smart home lighting works to compliment the radiance and shimmer of the day; the system changes brightness and color as the sun follows its path across the sky. Our own human nature is tied to this cycle, setting our circadian rhythms, which regulate our sleeping patterns.

Regular rest improves your physical and mental health, making an advanced lighting system essential. The morning begins as you motorized shades gently revealing the day as your lights ramp up with soft hues and muted intensity. As the day progresses, the light transitions into a crisp brightness, finally transforming into warmer colors as bedtime nears.


Brighten Up Your Home

Updating with automated lighting fixtures brings beauty and benefits to your home. Improving the health of your home is available at the touch of a button or at the sound of your voice.

Are you ready to brighten up your life? Call us at 864-640-4822 or fill out our contact page for a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to working with you.

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