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3 Technologies to Create the Perfect Private Cinema


Learn How Home Theater Installation Immerses You in High-End Home Entertainment 

Some people are content with watching a movie in their living rooms. They have their 4K TV and soundbar, and that seems to be enough for them. Others go a step further and convert a room to a home theater space. While it may look the part at first glance, it might lack the stunning appeal and advanced technology needed to ensure an immersive home theater experience.  

If you want more than a living room environment or simply an “adequate” entertainment space at your home in Greenville, SC, then you need to take your dreams a step further. A high-end home theater installation rivals not only any other entertainment areas in your home but also commercial movie theaters. 

Keep reading to see how Kasted Design Group uses three state-of-the-art technologies to create a theater space that excites your senses.  


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1. The Display 

Your high-end home theater is no place for yesterday's TV. While an HD TV was once impressive, it can never deliver the amazingly vivid picture you want.  

Today’s 4K TVs boast 8 million pixels for more clarity, while HDR technology offers a wider range of color, contrast, and brightness. And a TV with a 120Hz refresh rate or more reduces motion blur for better resolution. The result is a picture that is real to life. These advanced theater TVs have extremely fast processing speeds and come in a range of sizes – as large as 85”.  

Want to go bigger? Try a short-throw projector. It casts an image as big as 120”. That’s almost four times the size of a bedroom or living room TV. Best of all, unlike older projectors, the short-throw projectors cast such a clear and bright image that you won’t notice any pixelation or blur. Just a mesmerizing, real-to-life image from end to end! Most importantly, you can seamlessly control everything – the TV, audio, lighting, and indoor climate – with your smart home tablet!  


2. The Audio 

A soundbar may suffice in your living room, but for a high-end home theater? No! You want to achieve an amazing, breathtaking, and heart-thumping sound that surrounds you. Premium audio and speaker brands make it happen for you. These high-performance speakers cover the entire audio bandwidth, filling your space with all the music, dialogue, and sound effects to put you in the center of the action.  

The sound doesn’t only come in front of you – but all around you! When designing and installing your high-end private cinema, Kasted Design Group strives to create a multi-dimensional sound field that engulfs you. We want your speakers to create the illusion that you’re actually there. In addition to properly positioning your speakers (whether free-standing, in-wall, or in-ceiling), we also calibrate the entire system to achieve the full impact of the audio you hear. This isn’t simply home theater sound; it’s immersive and convincing audio that captivates!  


3. The Lights & Décor  

Here’s where some home theater designers and installers miss out. They focus all their attention on audio and video yet forget the ambiance. A home theater without ambiance is like a plain cinder block movie theater without seats and lighting. Not very inspiring! Take your home cinema project to the final level by adding LED smart lighting, luxury theater chairs, wood flooring or plush carpeting, and custom theater décor.  

Whether you want a retro look or a chic and unique style, your options are practically endless when it comes to theater design. With ambiance comes acoustic treatment as well. For instance, bass traps and acoustic wall panels reduce echoing caused by sound waves bouncing off your walls. Acoustical treatment also helps to contain the movie sound to your home theater without invading other rooms in your house.  


Would you like to learn how Kasted Design Group can create a high-end theater experience in your home? Call us at 864-640-4822 or fill out our online contact form to request a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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