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Talk to Your Smart Home, and It Responds!


4 Ways Home Voice Control Adds Convenience, Simplicity, and Luxury to Your Day 

Smart home automation gives you the ability to control nearly every technology in your home simply by touching an icon. Do you want to dim the lights? Open your smart tablet and slide the bar to choose your illumination level. Or listen to your favorite songs through your whole-home sound system by tapping a playlist on your smartphone. What could be better than smart home control? 

How about voice-activated smart home control? Now, you can take command of the technologies in your Cashiers, NC home just by speaking to them. When your smart home system is integrated with voice assistants like, Alexa, and others, your home becomes smarter and your life even more luxurious!  

Keep reading to discover four ways a home voice control system elevates your lifestyle. 


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Lighting Control 

Years ago, the idea of controlling technology by your voice was something out of science fiction novel. We’ve come a long way since then. Now, not only can we instruct our phones to do an internet search for us, tell us the weather, and find the best restaurants in our area, but our cars and homes listen and respond as well.  

Imagine coming home after the sun has dipped below the horizon and telling your smart lights to turn on. Immediately, they illuminate your rooms to the exact level you want. When it’s time for bed, you can say, “Josh, turn off the living room lights, and dim the bedroom lights to half level.” A smart home with voice control is the ultimate in-home automation. No matter where you are in your house, you can take command of your lighting simply by speaking to it 


Whole-Home Music 

Do you ever wake up, roll over to grab your phone, and search for a playlist to help you ease into the morning? With home voice control, you won’t have to move a muscle or even open your eyes. Tell your voice assistant to play your morning playlist at the volume level you want. Then, high-fidelity music streams through your whole-home speakers, putting you in the right mood for the day.  

Multi-room music with voice control is also a great way to wake up the family. If you have children, tell your home to play music in their bedrooms. They may even start to like waking up in the mornings. And of course, you can enjoy multi-room music and voice control anywhere in your home – for parties, romantic occasions, and home entertainment.  


Home Theater  

Speaking of home entertainment! Voice assistance gets really fun in your home theater. Instead of touching an icon to turn on the audio-video system, select a movie, lower the shades, and dim the lights, you simply tell your system what you want. As you settle into your theater seats, sayAlexa, play Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.” Since you’ve already programmed a movie scene into your smart home system, everything automatically adjusts for you. The lights dim, the motorized shades lower, your surround-sound system powers on, and the movie starts on the big screen in front of you.  


Smart Security  

Nobody likes to hear strange noises in the night. Here’s where smart home voice control gives you peace of mind. If you’re worried about something you heard or you just want to check the indoor and outdoor camerasit’s easy to do. Tell your voice assistant to pull up the live feed so you can look around your home. Also, if you went to bed without locking your doors or arming the alarm system, don’t get up. Your home will do it for you. Because your smart home is completely integrated with your voice control system, you can even tell it to turn on the lights and alert the authorities if an intruder is on your property.  


Discover all the benefits of living in a smart home with a voice control assistant. Call Kasted Design Group or fill out our online contact page to schedule a consultation.  

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