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Upgrade Your Commercial Audio and Video for Incredible Ambiance


How State-of-the-Art AV Installations Improve Your Guests’ Experience  

Long before TV and radio, the best way to make a good impression with a customer was a smile, handshake, and a few kind words. Those times are long gone. Now, the guests at your business and even your employees expect more. That doesn’t mean you should get rid of good manners. Instead, you need a way to capture attention and keep it. Doing so ensures a successful business and a 21st-century commercial space.

By upgrading the AV system at your business in Greenville, SC, you create a welcoming environment that entertains, enthralls, and informs your guests. Best of all, high-tech displays and speakers create an experience that encourages repeat visits. Keep reading to see how new commercial audio-video installation adds appeal to your business or organization.


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Set the Mood for Your Restaurant or Bar

Location is everything when it comes to your dining establishment. However, once you get the guests inside, it’s the ambiance that keeps them there. Although you may serve excellent food and drinks, if your restaurant is less-than-appealing to the eyes and ears, you’ll lose customers. A premium speaker system plays music that is clear and rich, not muffled or crackly. At the same time, when you have 4K ultra-high-definition TVs (eye candy) at the bar, your patrons will enjoy sitting there – and even spend more for appetizers and drinks.


In-Store Promotions at Your Hotel or Retail Store

Now that you have guests in your building, it’s time to promote yourself and your products. The cardinal rule for advertising is that customers need to see an ad seven times before they buy. By putting TVs in your store or hotel to feature special offers, promotions, or discounts, you increase the chances of a sale. Still, not just any TV will do. “Wow” them with interactive commercial displays you can easily customize. It’s an effective way to make your ad look more attractive and keep them engaged. But it doesn’t always need to be an ad. Simply promoting your brand is a fantastic way to place your hotel or store in a guest’s memory.


Do Employees Get Bored in Your Boardroom?

Keep your staff happy, and you’ll have a more efficient and healthier workplace. One of the ways to do it is by ensuring your meetings are productive with integrated room control. Incorporating advanced commercial audio-video products in the boardroom keeps your employees’ attention. When video conferences are clear – without lagging and dropped calls – you make the best use of your time and communicate your message clearly. Also, new technology makes it possible for you and other participants to easily share documents and presentations to the screen without setup and connection problems.


Improve the Worship Experience at Your Church

Today’s contemporary churches require contemporary technology during a worship service. That means a video and audio system that works well for live and online audiences. Lighting control and placement also have important roles in a church service. Installing the correct lights in the correct places will ensure everything on the platform and in the congregation enhances the worship experience. Even though the message is the most important aspect of the service, it’s still critical that members and visitors feel comfortable and engaged during their time there. Modern audio-video systems help to achieve this.


Do you want to find out how to improve the commercial AV smart technology at your business or organization? Get started by calling us at 864-640-4822 or visit our online contact page. We look forward to working with you!

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