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Which Is Right for You—A Home Theater or a Media Room?

A media room with in-ceiling speakers and a rising picture that reveals a flat-screen TV.

Create a Space Designed for Fun and the Ultimate in Entertaining

For many years, luxury homeowners in Asheville, NC, have turned to designated home theater systems for their entertainment retreats. These spaces are designed for the ultimate cinematic experience with large movie screens, 4K HDR projectors that deliver lifelike images, and an immersive sound field that envelops you, taking you to another place and time for those few hours. 

These spaces may have tiered movie seating, automated plush recliners with LED-lit cup holders, and fiber optic LEDs that turn a ceiling into a starlit sky. The designated home theater often offers a better movie experience than your finest cinemas.

More recently, media rooms have taken hold, growing in interest for designers and homeowners. These spaces, also known as multi-purpose or multi-use rooms, are designed with the same attention to audio and video detail and much more.

Let’s explore the many uses of a media room and help you decide which entertainment space is right for you.

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