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Take Control of Your Home Any Way You Want!


Discover Three Flexible and Luxurious Ways You Can Control Your Smart Home

There’s more than one way to make a cake. If there weren’t, you’d always have the same cake for your birthday, and after a while, you’d get tired of your favorite dessert. How does this relate to smart home automation? If you have a smart home control system, you’ve likely controlled it the same way since it was installed. In this article, we’ll open your eyes to something you may not realize. There’s more than one way to operate your smart home!

Since we live in a world that’s filled with smart technology, it only makes sense that the user interfaces and control options will improve over time. And they have! Keep reading to discover the flexibility you can enjoy with your smart home system in Cashiers, SC.


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  1. One-Tap Control

By far, the most common way to control the smart technologies in your home is by tapping a button or icon on a tablet, touchpad, smart remote, or smartphone app. But “common” is a misnomer here, because it’s not really common at all. Imagine, years ago, being able to wirelessly control your lights, shades, home security, and home AV by tapping a button. It was something out of science fiction.

Now, it’s a reality! From the comfort of your seat or even remotely, select the system and make any adjustments you want. It’s that easy and seamless. You enjoy a life of luxury and convenience when you have one-tap smart home control.


  1. Talk to Your Home

If you’re a classic science fiction movie buff, you may have seen “2001: A Space Odyssey.” In it, a man traveling on a spaceship had a talking AI computer, Hal, as his only companion – Spoiler: It was evil! Or, if you enjoy the Marvel movie series, you certainly know who Vision is. He is a computer that became a walking and talking man – That’s the short version. Both films brought to life the concept of verbal interaction between computers and humans.

Well, this isn’t science fiction anymore. Now, voice-controlled smart home automation systems let you adjust your home’s technologies by saying a phrase. For example, if you use the system, say, “Josh, turn on the living room lights,” or “Josh, play classical music through my multi-room sound system.” You can even send text messages to someone! It’s a no-hands approach to smart home automation. And unlike sci-fi stories, was built to protect user’s privacy and will never share your data.


  1. Total Home Automation

Don’t touch. Don’t talk. Don’t do anything! This is a completely hands-off approach to home automation. By setting up a geofencing system on your property, your home’s technologies operate based on your location. It uses your smartphone as well as motion detectors and other technologies to identify where you are.

For example, the geofencing system takes over when you leave for work or run errands. Your home security activates, the smart lighting system turns off or on (based on your preference), the smart doors lock, and your indoor climate adjusts accordingly. When you return home for the day and as your home automation system detects your location, indoor lights switch on, blinds open during the day, and any other home technology adjusts to its preprogrammed setting. It’s a no-hands and no-voice way to control your home.


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