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5 Ways Smart Surveillance Systems Provide Unmatched Security

Things aren’t the way they used to be. When it comes to technology, that’s a good thing. As the population expands, so does innovation. Just think of the advancements in technology that have happened over the last 20 years. Now, we have smart cars, smartphones, workable artificial intelligence, and even rockets that land themselves. More people and more contributions to society can make our world a better place. Yet, there are some drawbacks. One of them is crime.

More than ever, it’s vital to have a home security system that is smarter than tech-savvy criminals. After all, seasoned thieves can circumvent older security systems easily. Instead of leaving your home in Greenville, SC, vulnerable to vandals and break-ins, it’s time to consider smart home surveillance systems.

Keep reading to learn five ways an advanced security camera system protects your property and gives you greater peace of mind.


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Super High-Resolution Cameras

Do you remember the grainy video footage captured by security cameras of years past? How could anyone recognize a person by looking at those? Even though they were able to record an image with a timestamp, it didn’t do much to help you identify the person. Today, smart surveillance cameras offer incredible detail (even 4K video like you watch in your home theater) to capture clear images of everything on your property. An intruder might as well take a selfie if they trespass on your property, because the image quality is that good.


Face Recognition and Object Filtering

Here’s where it gets really futuristic! Yesteryear’s cameras were notorious for sending false alerts. If a dog or cat wandered by your camera a night, the system would “sound the alarm.” Fortunately, smart cameras use artificial intelligence to recognize faces and objects. They won’t be fooled by an animal or even a family member coming home late at night. However, if the surveillance system detects an unrecognized person or vehicle on your property, it will alert you as soon as possible.


Automatic Mobile Alerts

Think of your surveillance system as another member of your family. It not only keeps watch over your property, but it sends you mobile alerts – to your tablet, smartphone, or in-home system. When your security cameras detect unusual activity on your property (i.e., a door or window is open or someone breaches an invisible perimeter), you’ll receive an immediate alert. Asleep in bed or miles away from home, you can rest easy knowing your system monitors your property 24 hours a day and keeps you up to date about potential threats. It can even sync with your lighting system to turn on lights if a threat is detected.


Thermal Imaging Cameras

They may think they can hide in bushes, but burglars will be sadly mistaken when you have surveillance cameras with thermal imaging features. These smart cameras detect heat, which means they see intruders in the day, at night, and during any weather condition. Also, most thermal cameras have long-range capabilities. They recognize heat sources from 100 feet away or further. So, unless your intruder is a cold robot, they won’t have a chance of circumventing your home security system.


Smart Recorders & Seamless Control

Are you looking for specific footage or an event that your cameras recorded? Locate it in a matter of seconds. Simply type in a keyword phrase, such as “person on porch,” “man in blue shirt,” “white car in driveway,” or any other term. The camera recorder uses AI and video analytics to pull up footage that matches your search term. Once programmed, you can even search for your daughter to make sure she arrived home safely from school. In addition, you can take manual control of your camera and remotely zoom, tilt, and pan to capture images from any angle.


Improve the safety and security of your smart home, as well as your peace of mind, with smart surveillance systems. Call Kasted Design Group at 864-640-4822 or fill out our online contact form to request a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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