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3 Essential Technologies You Need for Commercial Security


Smart Business Security Systems Ensure a Safe and Secure Property

In a world with smart technologies and tech-savvy thieves, business security systems must be even smarter. Even though staffed security is an excellent crime deterrent, your team can’t be everywhere all the time. Commercial security provides 24-hour surveillance and protection for every square inch of your property. Best of all, because the security system is smart, you can monitor and control it in a myriad of ways – and remotely! 

From AI-powered surveillance cameras and remote monitoring to advanced access controls and smart door locks, your system ensures a building that is nearly impenetrable. Keep reading to see the three ways smart security makes your business in Greenville, SC, more secure.


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  1. Nothing Gets Past Smart Cameras

It’s one thing to have security cameras throughout your property but quite another to install a smart surveillance system. Unlike cameras from years past that simply recorded events, smart cameras practically think for themselves. Not only do they record in high definition (even 4K video), but they have many advanced features, such as face and object recognition, thermal imaging, night vision, two-way communication, and remote control.

If you receive an alert from your business security system – telling you that a perimeter has been breached or an event triggered – you’ll know which camera recorded it. Then, you can take control of the system remotely to view the activity or individual in real-time. If you’re looking for a past event, simply search for it by typing a search term, such as “person by fence” or “package at door.” Then the system quickly and intuitively locates the footage for you.


  1. You’re Always in the Know

One of the most useful features of a business security system is its ability to send automatic alerts. When your cameras, access control system, or alarms detect unusual activity – inside or out – you’ll know it! And don’t worry about false alerts. A smart security system knows the difference between a stray cat on your property and a masked intruder. It can also identify employees due to its facial recognition features.

Everything is under the watchful eye of your commercial surveillance system. The moment a breach has occurred, you receive an alert on the mobile device of your choice. Then, tap an icon to pull up the system to see the issue. You can take immediate action without even leaving your seat.


  1. Peace of Mind with Access Control

You may have an “open door” policy at your business, but you shouldn’t take it literally. In fact, it’s essential to safeguard your building and people with smart locks and access controls. Both smart technologies allow entry to authorized individuals but also keep out unauthorized personnel. Don’t leave your doors open to everyone. Instead, use keypads, keycards, or a biometric access system to control who enters and exits your building.

Even though an access control system operates on its own, you can still take control when needed. If you’re alerted to a serious threat, one button tap locks down all the doors to secure the building. Everything is so easy to control via a computer or building automation device.


Put a smart business security system in place with help from Kasted Design Group. Call us at 864-640-4822 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to making your building more secure!


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