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Enjoy the Holidays with These Home Security Solutions


Whether Staying Home or Visiting Friends, You’ll Enjoy Peace of Mind with Smart Security

Winter is coming . . . and so is Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and other holidays you may celebrate. As you prepare for out-of-town guests, family gatherings, and time away from home, it’s important to ensure your property is safe and secure – whether you’re at home or away. A smart home security system keeps eyes on your living space when you can’t. More than that, it alerts you to any problems in real-time.

Would you like to have more peace of mind when leaving your home in Asheville, NC, over the holiday season? In this blog, we’ll highlight several advanced home security solutions that keep you from worrying about trespassers, porch pirates, and burglars. Keep reading to learn more! 


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Create a Virtual Tripwire Around Your House

What good is a home security system that only alerts you when there’s a break-in? Smart security does much better than that! The moment an intruder steps foot on your property, advanced motion sensors detect it. But these are more than typical motion sensors. Today’s smart surveillance cameras detect activity from afar and can even identify unusual movements and loitering. So, you’ll know if there is even a hint of a problem before an intruder gets close to a door or window. 


Don’t Worry About False Alerts

You deserve your beauty rest, and your smart home security system knows it. That’s why it’s designed to avoid sending you false alerts in the middle of the night and any other time. Smart surveillance cameras use face recognition, object recognition, and other state-of-the-art technologies to identify real threats and ignore false ones, such as a cat passing by your camera or even a family member coming home late at night. With these types of home security solutions, you can enjoy your sleep or your vacation without worrying about receiving false alerts. 


Smart Security Keeps in Touch with You

Have yourself a merry little Christmas or holiday celebration wherever you are. Your security system watches over your property, records all activities, and makes sure you’re “in the know” when you need to be. You’ll receive texts, emails, and voice-call alerts or even status updates to ensure you’re informed of issues at your home. Unlike older security systems that simply blare an alarm when there is a problem, smart security is always watching and ready to alert you to real issues. Add lighting automation with your smart security system, and it gives your home the appearance of occupancy when the system detects an intruder.


Take Complete Control from Wherever You Are

“Ding dong! Who’s there?” You’ll know it when you have a video doorbell, and you won’t need to be home to answer it. Right from your smartphone or smart home tablet, you can speak to the person, see who it is, and even unlock the door if necessary. In addition, if you receive an alert from your security system, it’s easy to take control of your cameras (pan, zoom, and tilt), review live and recorded footage, and alert the authorities if needed with the tap of a button. 


It’s the most wonderful time of the year when you have smart home security solutions! Get started by calling Kasted Design Group at 864-640-4822 or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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