The 4 Must-Have Technologies You Need for High-End Audio


For an Amazing Music Experience in Your Home, You Need the Right Audio Setup 

You’re not like most people. While some are content with listening to music through earbuds or car stereos, you want more. In fact, you may not even be impressed by the standalone stereo systems you sample at big-box stores or showrooms. That means one thing: you’re not a casual music-listener but an audiophile. In other words, you want to hear music the way it was intended – flawless! 

And yet, achieving a high-end audio experience in your Greenville, SC, home requires more than high-performance speakers. Instead, you need four important components to guarantee a superior sound in your media space. Keep reading to learn more! 


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Speaking of Speakers

Starting with speakers is where most audiophiles begin. And that’s the perfect place. After all, ordinary speakers won’t work when you’re after high-end audio. Premium brands, such as Dynaudio and JBL, specialize in designing and manufacturing speakers that deliver unparalleled sound quality. These companies design their own driver units in-house and perform extensive measurements to ensure pure music-listening. It’s almost like you’re hearing the musicians right in the recording studio. 


What’s in a Room? 

Where you listen to music is just as important as how  you listen to it. For instance, if you play music through high-performance speakers in a large room with vaulted ceilings and no furnishings, you’ll get a completely different sound than if you listen to it in a small room with furniture and rugs. Also, where you place your listening chairs is just as important. A crucial part of getting the most out of your high-end stereo system involves reducing problematic issues caused by room design through acoustic treatment, speaker setup, and other techniques. 


Superior Sound is in the Sources

Even with the best speakers and a dedicated media room or home theater configured for high-end music listening, your experience could still fall flat. Why? It all depends on your sources. Most people enjoy online music streaming. The problem is if you use a traditional service, such as Spotify or Pandora, you might as well be listening to music through regular speakers. Instead, you need a high-end music streaming service like Tidal or Deezer. Then, the source will complement the setup and hi-fi speaker system. 


The Power for High-Fidelity Audio 

The last component you need for your high-end speaker systems is an amplifier. Without the right amplifier for your speakers, you won’t enjoy the completely pure sound quality you desire. Also, do you need pre-amps or power conditioners? And what types of cables and surge protectors are the best? Cabling, electronics, and power all go into building the best high-performance audio system in your media room. Fortunately, Kasted Design Group is experienced at designing and setting up the perfect system for your listening pleasure. 


Don’t settle for subpar sound. Get started with high-end audio by calling Kasted Design Group at 864-640-4822 or filling out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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