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4 Ways a Smart Home Uplifts Your Day-to-Day Experience


How A Smart Home Company Dramatically Improves Your Daily Life

Smart technology isn’t simply a futuristic idea. It is here now . . . and here to stay! Whether you’re accessing apps on your smartphone, watching movies on your smart TV, or relying on your smart car to keep you safe, you use this advanced technology every day. It’s fair to say that smart products and systems have added more convenience and luxury to our lives. But why stop with phones, TVs, and cars? You can also have smart technology in your Greenville, SC, home.

From morning to night, you can make your home a more intelligent and comfortable place to live. In this blog, our smart home company will show you four systems that are a must-have to enjoy the best of seamless home control.


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Convenient One-Touch Lighting Control

One of the most popular and practical – yet enjoyable – smart home technologies is home lighting control. When you consider how many times a day you turn lights on and off as well as adjust the blinds or shades, one-touch lighting control becomes a desirable technology to have. Simply touch one button or icon, and all the lights and motorized shades in a room adjust to your specifications. You can even program a scene, such as “Bedtime” or “Party,” with all the lights programmed to the settings you want.


A Home Entertainment Haven

It’s movie night! Right now – without a smart home system in place – you get ready for a show by turning on the TV, manually dimming the lights, making sure the sound system is at the right level, and lowering the shades. But with a smart home theater, everything takes care of itself. Sitting back in your luxury theater seats, you simply touch one icon on your smart home tablet or smartphone. Then all the technologies move into position. No need to get up out of your seat. You can even pause the movie when you need to answer the video doorbell right from your tablet.


Soak Yourself in High-End Audio

Home entertainment extends into your media room. A dedicated space for music-listening is the ultimate pleasure for audiophiles. When you listen to your favorite songs through a high-end sound system, you’ll hear every musical intricacy – just like the producers or artists intended. High-end speakers deliver the biggest, boldest, and most remarkable performance possible. Settling into your seat, select your playlist or album in your tablet, and tap “Play.” You’ll immerse yourself in a sound experience like no other.


Make Music a Part of Your Day

Most people enjoy listening to music “on the go.” They turn up the car stereo or put in their earbuds throughout the day, as they go to work, or when running errands. But what if you could listen to songs, podcasts, and other audio in every room in your home? A multi-room sound system allows you to put away your earbuds and fill your entire home with high-quality music. In-ceiling and in-wall speakers, as well as subwoofers, deliver powerful, high-fidelity sound that adds joy to your day. Crank up the system for a party, listen to classical music when you’re alone, or play Disney tunes while dancing around the house with your kids.


More Smart Technologies for Your Home!

As a leading smart home company, Kasted Design Group can install the perfect smart technologies to suit your needs – including other systems like home security, climate control, outdoor entertainment systems, and much more! Let us help you add more delight to your day with home automation.

Would you like to learn more about smart home control and its benefits? Call Kasted Design Group at 864-640-4822 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free consultation.

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