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The Combined Power of Smart Home Automation and Design


Creating a Smart Home from a Designer’s Perspective

In Highlands, NC, many of you have heard about the incredible technological advancements in smart home automation. What was once unimaginable is now a part of everyday life for many people as the smart home market continues to increase at a remarkable pace.

Today, our homes prepare for us in advance. They greet us in the morning with shades that raise to let in the first rays of the sun and welcome us when we return home with beautiful landscape lighting, music playing through our home and yard, and the spa perfectly heated. The latest smart homes are limited only by one’s imagination.

Some who have yet to dip their toes into the sea of automated possibilities are concerned about what this technology will do to the aesthetics of their homes. Will it distract from their unique design elements with bulky audio-video equipment and wiring?

The good news is that, with the right integrator, smart technology enhances your home’s design, taking it to a level that exceeds your greatest expectations. At Kasted Design Group, we’re a team of architectural designers and automation experts who excel at what we do—creating smart homes from our unique design-minded approach—whether a few automated features or an integrated smart home. 

Let’s explore a few of the many possibilities in today’s world of intelligent home design.

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Merging Science with Art

With backgrounds in electrical engineering, IT, AV, security, and design, we bring to the table a deep understanding of the structural components that define excellence in home automation and the design elements that create breathtaking beauty. Lighting is one of those elements that, through dynamic contrast, brings a space to life. 

In 2018, when Lutron acquired Ketra, the possibilities in elegantly controlled, transformational lighting became limitless. Now, with advanced LED lighting and one-touch control, you can choose from every color in the visible light spectrum, that’s over 16 million shades and saturations of light filtering throughout your home and yard.

We can program spaces for different tasks and different family members that only require the push of a button to create the optimum lighting. We're also able to place the light right where we want it through precision lighting optics, with beams ranging from broad splashes of light and color to narrow, focused illumination.


Whole-Home Audio & Video 

Gone are the days of separate audio and video equipment in every room. Today, we place the equipment in an out-of-the-way cabinet or closet and distribute your audio-video system to every desired space in your home and outdoor area. We do this through nearly invisible architectural and landscape speakers and 4K HDR TVs that can remain hidden from view until called upon. 

Are you ready to entertain? One tap on a touchscreen, tablet, or remote, and your indoor and outdoor lights settle into the perfect hue, the climate adjusts, your whole-home audio begins streaming your entertainment playlist, the blinds rise, and the outdoor firepit ignites. 

Everything we’ve mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg in the world of home automation. To learn more or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Kasted Design Group today.

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