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A Smart Home Is an Energy-Efficient Home

A person managing their home technology systems in the Savant app.

How Installation, Automation, and Brand Selection Impact Energy Management at Home 


A smart home is a smart investment, saving homeowners time and money while significantly simplifying their lives. For design professionals in Greenville, SC, smart technologies also represent a powerful selling point. 

At Kasted Design Group, we work with architects, designers,and their clients in the design and installation of smart technologies. And guess what one of the top concerns among our clients and trade partners is? Better and more efficient energy management. From shades, lighting, and climate control to the latest power management systems, we know what it takes for smart homes to be efficient and cost-effective. 

Read on to learn how the right brands, installation, and automation of smart technology systems will save you time, money, and energy at home.

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How Installation Saves

A professional installation goes a long way in saving homeowners time and money. That’s why we collaborate closely with design professionals through the product selection and installation process. 

All our technology systems are installed and programmed with energy efficiency in mind. For example, we often program each room’s motorized shades individually, and automate them in 24-hour cycles, creating a system that minimizes sun damage and lowers AC energy bills. 

Also, we always take into account the possibility of future system updates and expansions and automate every system to reflect your unique energy management goals. 

How Automation Saves

There can be no efficient energy management without proper system integration and automation

Through a Control4 automation interface, we give you control over every technology system at the tap of the screen. 

Lutron’s smart lights will dim to match your current mood and turn off automatically when you exit a room. JBL and Sonance speakers will respond on demand thanks to Josh AI’s voice control features. 

When programmed and automated by professionals, each product in your smart home will work both on its own and as part of a greater whole. Best of all, efficiency leads to lower energy consumption!

What the Top Brands Are Up to

Brands designed with integration and automation in mind are your best choice when designing or updating a smart home. By working with us, you can stay on top of what they are up to. 

Savant Power is a great case in point. Installed on traditional electrical panels, Savant power modules can be operated from your smartphone and make every home circuit more responsive. On the Savant app, homeowners can monitor power usage, manage backup generators during emergencies, and control how energy is distributed at home.  

Whether you are an architect, designer, or homeowner, efficient energy management is part of every smart home. When you are ready to learn more, our team of experts is a phone call away

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