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Enjoy Power Independence with an Energy Storage System

Solar panels on a home’s roof.

Reduce Costs and Live Greener

A smart home offers an incredibly convenient and luxurious lifestyle. Lighting, climate, entertainment, and security are all controlled with one touch and work seamlessly together. For example, tap the “Away” button on an elegant in-wall keypad as you leave home, and the lights dim, the AV equipment turns off, the doors lock, and the alarm arms. 

This type of integrated technology requires reliable energy to ensure constant connectivity. Additionally, smart homeowners are looking for options to create greener and more energy-efficient homes. Fortunately, there is a reliable alternative that lessens grid reliance, utilizes the sun's renewable energy, and consumes less power while lowering the utility bills in your Asheville, NC, home. It’s called an energy storage system.

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The Makings of an Energy Storage System

In essence, an energy storage system stores energy derived from solar power. In the past, solar energy was only reliable when the sun was out. Now, you can utilize this energy day or night, during a power outage, or when you want to disconnect from the power grid during peak periods. 

These systems start with a home solar panel array. These photovoltaic arrays start generating solar power as soon as the sun comes out, usually far more than a home requires. Any excess energy is stored in batteries, allowing homeowners to take advantage of this renewable energy anytime and reduce their dependence on the electrical grid.

These battery systems may be included with a solar power installation or added to an existing system. Using self-generated power, you save on costs and protect yourself from price spikes, blackouts, and supply fluctuations.

Managing Your Energy

These systems typically connect to an energy management system. For example, Savant, a home automation platform for luxury homeowners, offers Savant Power. This enables homeowners to manage their home’s energy from the Savant app on their smartphones or touchscreens. It provides complete control of backup power sources, time-of-use pricing, and grid independence.

One glance tells you the battery status and when it will be fully charged. It sends alerts when a grid outage is detected and switches the system to the default grid outage or “Essentials” scene, keeping the energy flowing to your essential connected devices. 

A personalized energy dashboard lets you see what devices use the most energy and enables you to control any circuit in your home. Eco Mode can be triggered when you want to use stored energy to avoid peak usage rates. In addition, when a severe storm is expected, the system automatically prioritizes charging the battery and reserving the energy in case of a power outage.

Are you ready to keep your home connected and energy independent without concern for power outages or damaging surges? At Kasted Design Group, we utilize the latest technology to create smart homes that are beautiful, convenient, and energy-independent. To learn about energy storage systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Kasted Design Group today.

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