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Elevate Your Smart Home With Power Management

An electric vehicle plugged in next to a Savant-enabled electrical panel.

Savant Power System Modules Make Your Home’s Circuits Smarter and More Efficient 

Did you know that smart technology systems significantly reduce your home’s energy consumption? You probably know some ways this works (like smart thermostats). What may surprise you is how Savant, the leading name in home automation, is doing it. 

At Kasted Design Group, we are proud to be Savant ambassadors and offer the latest in the company’s automation systems, Savant power

What Savant Power is and how it works requires a bit of exploration, but we are confident that after learning more about it, you will realize why the future of energy consumption and control is already here. 

So, if you are looking to cut down on your energy bills in Greenville, SC, and protect your high-end electronics from power surges, read on to learn how Savan Power system modules give you total control over energy consumption at home. 

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What Is Savant Power? 

Savant Power is the latest in smart home automation, giving homeowners more flexible and efficient power at any time, even during an electric grid outage. 

It starts with installing a Savant power module on your home’s electrical panels and a series of smart energy products that literally make your circuits smarter and more responsive.

When paired with added backup sources like solar batteries or power generators, these smart modules give you control over power distribution, letting you choose which systems stay on or off with a simple tap on your smart device. 

How Savant Power Works

You can monitor power in your home directly from the Savant app and automatically set scenes to match current conditions, sending energy to specific circuits when needed. 

Even with a backup power source, your options are limited when controlling power distribution during an outage. However, that is no longer the case with Savant power modules.

For example, you can manage emergency power by setting an “essentials” scene, limiting non-essential energy loads and tracking power consumption. Or you may prefer using a “laundry” scene to wash your clothes while limiting power in entertainment spaces. 

Whichever scene you choose, advanced settings and features are easily configurable through the Savant app, giving you control over your home and its energy consumption. 

Give It a Try! 

Savant power modules are designed to be installed in standard electrical panels, and to control 20A, 30A, and 60A circuits. 

A professional installation and integration with existing smart systems and backup energy sources will give you full insight and control over your home’s power. 

Are you ready to take full control over power consumption and distribution in your smart home? If so, why not contact us and learn how our team of Savant ambassadors can help?

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