The Benefits of a Hidden Audio-Video Installation

 A media room with a large projector screen on a black wall. There is a sectional and a black table.

Experience high-performance audio and video without ruining your interior design

More homeowners than ever are enjoying entertainment in their homes. As movies are released straight to on-demand and streaming services are creating high-budget TV shows, the appeal of having a custom audio-video system is obvious. However, there is no need to sacrifice your interior design for the sake of your home entertainment. Instead, invest in technology that blends in with your decor.

Conceal your speakers and televisions in every room of your home while enjoying the highest quality AV. Discover how a hidden audio-video installation brings the best of both form and function to your home in the Carolinas.


Hidden 4K Televisions

The days of having only one room with a television are long gone. Now, most households have displays in multiple rooms. While this means we can easily access our favorite content from many convenient locations, televisions can be unattractive and bulky, distracting from your interior decor. One way to maintain the beauty of your space while still having the convenience of displays in multiple rooms is to invest in hidden displays. Highlight art, photos, displays, furniture, and other centerpieces in your home by carefully concealing your televisions from sight when not in use.

For instance, hide your 4K television with a motorized lift that slips into the ceiling, wall, or custom cabinetry with just a button tap. Or have your television display a piece of artwork or photo when it is not in use. Some can even double as a mirror! A professional audio-video specialist will work with you to find a solution that brings high-end video performance into your home while blending in seamlessly with the aesthetics of your space.

An Invisible Audio System

Enjoy crystal clear audio throughout your home with an audio system that brings your favorite playlists into every room of the house. Architectural speakers can be installed inside walls or ceilings for a discreet appearance. They can be covered with a grille that is painted and finished with the same color and material as the surrounding surface, so it’s hard to tell where the wall ends and the speaker begins.

Create a whole-home audio system that allows you to listen to music in every room of your home. Incorporate your audio system into a dedicated home theater with architectural speakers in the ceiling, walls, and behind your seating. Control everything from the same interface you use to manage all other smart technology in your home!

Discover how you can improve the audio-video experience in your home. Our hidden technology solutions will transform how you enjoy entertainment at home. The design expertise of Kasted will provide you with multiple ways to have the luxuries of audio-video equipment without sacrificing the beauty of your home. Call Kasted Design Group at 864-640-4822 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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