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Explore Power Distribution Management in Real Life

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Learn How the Savant Power System Controls Power Loads to Limit Disruption

Would you love to have the most energy-efficient home possible? With tools to optimize your energy production and consumption, the Savant app gives you the power to control every circuit in your home and limit the disruption caused by unplanned outages.

Power distribution management is the ability to shift power loads between available power sources—such as solar, battery, or backup generators—to reduce your dependency on the power grid and non-essential power usage.

Continue reading to learn what the experience of power distribution management in your Asheville, NC, home could be like in a real-life application.

Enjoy Power Independence with an Energy Storage System

Solar panels on a home’s roof.

Reduce Costs and Live Greener

A smart home offers an incredibly convenient and luxurious lifestyle. Lighting, climate, entertainment, and security are all controlled with one touch and work seamlessly together. For example, tap the “Away” button on an elegant in-wall keypad as you leave home, and the lights dim, the AV equipment turns off, the doors lock, and the alarm arms. 

This type of integrated technology requires reliable energy to ensure constant connectivity. Additionally, smart homeowners are looking for options to create greener and more energy-efficient homes. Fortunately, there is a reliable alternative that lessens grid reliance, utilizes the sun's renewable energy, and consumes less power while lowering the utility bills in your Asheville, NC, home. It’s called an energy storage system.

A Smart Home Is an Energy-Efficient Home

A person managing their home technology systems in the Savant app.

How Installation, Automation, and Brand Selection Impact Energy Management at Home 


A smart home is a smart investment, saving homeowners time and money while significantly simplifying their lives. For design professionals in Greenville, SC, smart technologies also represent a powerful selling point. 

At Kasted Design Group, we work with architects, designers,and their clients in the design and installation of smart technologies. And guess what one of the top concerns among our clients and trade partners is? Better and more efficient energy management. From shades, lighting, and climate control to the latest power management systems, we know what it takes for smart homes to be efficient and cost-effective. 

Read on to learn how the right brands, installation, and automation of smart technology systems will save you time, money, and energy at home.

Use the Clean, Renewable Energy of the Sun Day and Night

The distant view of a large modern home at dusk with its lights on.

Reduce Your Reliance on the Power Grid with a Battery Backup System

As winter draws near with Jack Frost nipping at your nose, you want a warm place to retire when at home. While the fireplace provides some heat, you’ll likely need to fire up your electric heating system. Though it keeps you warm, it also causes your electric meter to spin! It doesn’t get much better in the summer either as North Carolinians blast the AC to stave off the heat. 

While the state has not had to resort to rolling blackouts or experienced unanticipated power outages as other parts of the U.S., it’s clear that energy usage is on the rise, resulting in increased costs for homeowners. 

Fortunately, there is a solution that can reduce your reliance on the power grid and reduce your power bill.  It’s called a battery backup system - the perfect solution for Asheville, NC homeowners! 

Elevate Your Smart Home With Power Management

An electric vehicle plugged in next to a Savant-enabled electrical panel.

Savant Power System Modules Make Your Home’s Circuits Smarter and More Efficient 

Did you know that smart technology systems significantly reduce your home’s energy consumption? You probably know some ways this works (like smart thermostats). What may surprise you is how Savant, the leading name in home automation, is doing it. 

At Kasted Design Group, we are proud to be Savant ambassadors and offer the latest in the company’s automation systems, Savant power

What Savant Power is and how it works requires a bit of exploration, but we are confident that after learning more about it, you will realize why the future of energy consumption and control is already here. 

So, if you are looking to cut down on your energy bills in Greenville, SC, and protect your high-end electronics from power surges, read on to learn how Savan Power system modules give you total control over energy consumption at home. 

Reduce Energy Usage and Save Money with Home Automation

A man and woman holding a baby in a kitchen.

How a Smart Home Helps You Manage Energy Consumption

Smart homes not only make your life more enjoyable, convenient, and safer, but they also offer energy solutions, reducing electricity usage and saving money in the process. In addition to optimizing how you use energy in your home, smart home automation can reduce dependence on the power grid by utilizing renewable energy sources and storage solutions. 

According to Bosch, an engineering and technology company, smart-home owners can cover up to 50% of their yearly energy needs using locally generated electricity.  Let’s find out how.

Home Surveillance Offers 24/7 Remote Access to Home and Family

A home’s backyard with a pool, overlaid by hands holding a tablet showing a Savant security screen.

Secure Your Home and Love Ones with today’s Smart Home Surveillance Systems

At Kasted Design Group, our team of design and automation experts are committed to making your life easier, more enjoyable, and luxurious by designing beautiful, customized spaces with integrated smart home automation. Your home should be a place of relaxation, peace, and joy, and part of that process is creating a space that feels secure and welcoming.

Today’s home surveillance systems in Highlands, NC offer more than a recorded video feed. These systems let you monitor your home from anywhere in the world and look in on your family when you’re away. By integrating with your home automation system, they offer an unprecedented level of home security, once only available to commercial establishments.

Let’s explore their many features. 

Which Is Right for You—A Home Theater or a Media Room?

A media room with in-ceiling speakers and a rising picture that reveals a flat-screen TV.

Create a Space Designed for Fun and the Ultimate in Entertaining

For many years, luxury homeowners in Asheville, NC, have turned to designated home theater systems for their entertainment retreats. These spaces are designed for the ultimate cinematic experience with large movie screens, 4K HDR projectors that deliver lifelike images, and an immersive sound field that envelops you, taking you to another place and time for those few hours. 

These spaces may have tiered movie seating, automated plush recliners with LED-lit cup holders, and fiber optic LEDs that turn a ceiling into a starlit sky. The designated home theater often offers a better movie experience than your finest cinemas.

More recently, media rooms have taken hold, growing in interest for designers and homeowners. These spaces, also known as multi-purpose or multi-use rooms, are designed with the same attention to audio and video detail and much more.

Let’s explore the many uses of a media room and help you decide which entertainment space is right for you.

Create Dynamic Living Spaces With Sophisticated Lighting Design

Elegantly comfortable living room with black and white prints, gray and white paint highlighted by an orange couch.

Explore the Ways Smart Technology and Creativity Add Brilliance to Luxury Homes 

What is the first thing that strikes you when entering any space? Is it the thoughtful and unique decor, the architectural lines, refined furnishing, and stunning artwork? While all of these things come into focus, the lighting design influences your response on the subconscious level in an instant. 

The way a room is illuminated, the color, contrast, and coverage create atmosphere, influence mood, and determine how inviting a space feels. Your home is more than a place to lay your head at night; it is an expression of your inner self. Your living spaces should furnish you with a sense of vitality, comfort, and security- lighting is the critical component for designers. 

Are you looking to make your Arden, NC home bolder and brighter? Then continue reading below to learn more. 

Bring Your New Home to Life with Smart Technology

Home with an open-air floor plan and a backyard with a pool and fire feature.

Integrating Home Automation and Design Offers Beauty and Functionality

Are you building your dream home and considering smart home technology? If so, now’s the time. Integrating home automation during the design phase ensures all systems work together and blend seamlessly with a home's aesthetics. Many homeowners consider adding smart technology after the home’s been completed. Unfortunately, that’s a little like calling the electrician after the walls are up—they can certainly retrofit a home, but there will be some drywall coming down in the process. 

These systems require wiring and cabling, dedicated spaces for system headends, sensors, and more. Working with your team in the design phase reduces costly retrofits and ensures a beautiful design that flows from room to room. 

Home automation continues to advance, offering once unimaginable opportunities to live a life of luxury every day. And today, the options are nearly limitless.

Let’s look at the process of integrating technology into your dream home.

4 Tips for Better Home Lighting Design

Modern kitchen with unique glass LED light fixtures and a smart lighting wall keypad.

Advice from a Lighting Professional 

Most people think of their home’s lighting as purely functional. Is there enough light in the kitchen to see while cooking? Is the bedroom bright enough to read? Once ceiling lights are installed, or a table lamp is plugged in, many people call it a day. 

But to make your home truly come alive, you need to think of lighting from a design perspective. How can you add depth and drama to a space or get creative with lighting fixtures? 

If you’re renovating your Asheville, NC home or are starting a new home build, now’s the perfect time to plan for an incredible lighting design. 

Many elements go into a successful lighting design, from the LED light fixtures you choose to the layout and installation. Here are four lighting tips from Kasted Design Group! 

The Benefits of a Hidden Audio-Video Installation

 A media room with a large projector screen on a black wall. There is a sectional and a black table.

Experience high-performance audio and video without ruining your interior design

More homeowners than ever are enjoying entertainment in their homes. As movies are released straight to on-demand and streaming services are creating high-budget TV shows, the appeal of having a custom audio-video system is obvious. However, there is no need to sacrifice your interior design for the sake of your home entertainment. Instead, invest in technology that blends in with your decor.

Conceal your speakers and televisions in every room of your home while enjoying the highest quality AV. Discover how a hidden audio-video installation brings the best of both form and function to your home in the Carolinas.

3 Benefits of Lutron Lighting Control


Learn why so many homeowners trust Lutron with all their lighting needs

Take the lighting in your home to the next level with smart control that adds convenience and style to your life. Control your fixtures remotely, and customize your spaces with colors and intensities that accentuate your interior design. Lutron allows you to control your lights with a tap completely. Learn more about the benefits of Lutron lighting control in your Greenville, SC, area home.

The Combined Power of Smart Home Automation and Design


Creating a Smart Home from a Designer’s Perspective

In Highlands, NC, many of you have heard about the incredible technological advancements in smart home automation. What was once unimaginable is now a part of everyday life for many people as the smart home market continues to increase at a remarkable pace.

Today, our homes prepare for us in advance. They greet us in the morning with shades that raise to let in the first rays of the sun and welcome us when we return home with beautiful landscape lighting, music playing through our home and yard, and the spa perfectly heated. The latest smart homes are limited only by one’s imagination.

Some who have yet to dip their toes into the sea of automated possibilities are concerned about what this technology will do to the aesthetics of their homes. Will it distract from their unique design elements with bulky audio-video equipment and wiring?

The good news is that, with the right integrator, smart technology enhances your home’s design, taking it to a level that exceeds your greatest expectations. At Kasted Design Group, we’re a team of architectural designers and automation experts who excel at what we do—creating smart homes from our unique design-minded approach—whether a few automated features or an integrated smart home. 

Let’s explore a few of the many possibilities in today’s world of intelligent home design.

Why Savant A Leading System For Whole-Home Audio


Intuitive control and accessible media servers make Savant stand out from the rest

Listen to your favorite music in every room of your home! And enjoy one-touch control of all your playlists from your smart device of choice. High-end speakers and a Savant home automation system make this possible. In addition, media servers allow you to play high-quality music from streaming services and your own personal collection. Read on to learn why you should partner with a Savant dealer to bring a whole-home audio system into your Cashiers, NC, home.

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing An Outdoor Sound System


Learn why it is best to trust the experts with your outdoor AV installations

Is your backyard ready for entertaining this summer season? Take your outdoor spaces to the next level with an outdoor audio-video system that brings all of your favorite media outside. Setting up a speaker system outdoors might seem simple, but a professional installation is the best way to get a high-performing, immersive audio experience. If your DIY system has problems, it might be time to call an expert for help.

Read on to learn how to avoid three mistakes that homeowners make when bringing an outdoor sound system to their Asheville, NC, properties.

Human-Centric Lighting Design: What Is It?


How a Tunable Lighting System Creates a Pleasant Environment in Your Home

If you’re a luxury homeowner, then the days of controlling your lights and shades manually are far behind you. Now, smart home automation gives you seamless control of every connected technology in your Cashiers, NC, home. It’s easy to adjust the lights, raise and lower the motorized shades, and stream music through your whole-home audio system— simply by tapping an icon.

However, your living experience can be even better than using smart control. Human-centric lighting design includes smart control, but you can change the color and intensity of the lights to complement the activity, event, time of day, and even your mood. The result is a lighting design that elevates the atmosphere of your home and your well-being. Read more to see how it works.

Expand Your Living Space Into The Great Outdoors


Here’s How to Make Your Outdoor Living Spaces Livable and Loveable

When you look out your windows, what do you see? It’s likely a large patio, a beautiful backyard, a pristine swimming pool, or all the above. But how often do you take advantage of all that space – especially your outdoor patio? Outdoor screens, as well as TVs and audio, help to make your outdoor living spaces even more welcoming. Enjoy time outside but feel like you’re inside!

In this blog, we’ll show you how outdoor screens and AV equipment expand your living space and enhance your outdoor lifestyle. Keep reading to learn how you can relax in a comfortable environment while spending time outside on your Cashier, NC, property.


3 Ways a Smart Home Enhances Your Life


Trust A Smart Home Company That Offers Comfort, Control, and Security

Are you missing out on something that could improve your life? It’s not always easy to tell. After all, you seem to have all the makings of a luxurious home: elegant furnishings, a grand open floor plan, a private pool or outdoor area, and a comfortable lifestyle that never disappoints. And yet, how would you know if something bigger and better is passing you by?

Fortunately, you’ll never need to worry about it when Kasted Design Group is here. Our smart home company stays on the cutting edge of smart home technology, and we’ll make sure you don’t lose out on life-enhancing products. Keep reading to discover the three benefits of having a smart home automation system in your Arden, NC, home.


The Unique & Inspiring Features of Motorized Blinds


Revitalize Your Living Space with Attractive & Automated Shades and Blinds

Say goodbye to shabby shades and boring blinds. Today’s motorized window treatments not only give you one-touch control, but they add distinctive appeal to your living spaces. Certainly, automated control is one of the top reasons people install motorized blinds and shades. Still, you may not know about the other benefits.

In this blog, we’ll highlight some of the top features of smart blinds and shades and why you need them in your home in Greenville, SC. Keep reading for all the details!


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